Organic Spas In Australia – From Dreaming To Luxury Travel

When compiling a list of things to do on a luxury travel itinerary, a visit to an organic spa would come somewhere close to the top and generously interspersed throughout, depending on the length of your travel. Well, the choices are many at most luxury travel destinations. Here’s why a trip down under to Australia is worth serious consideration.

Ask anyone who has traveled to Australia and they’ll have tales to tell of the tough immigration policies that won’t even let you bring along a wad of gum from abroad. While immigration officials are not the friendliest of folks, they most certainly do not derive any perverse pleasure from denying you the right to bring along a pretty orchid from Singapore or your pet tarantula from Africa just to see the gloom flood your face. They are merely doing their job. And it is their job to protect the fragile ecosystem of this unique landmass, down under, from foreign organic matter that may disrupt or even destroy the delicate balance.

For 50,000 years or more, the aboriginals have inhabited this part of the world and lived in harmony with the land, the water, the vegetation, the seasons, the wildlife, the rain, and the rock. They left no footprint on any of these elements unless it was a playful Sustainable travel hop, skip, or jump that benefited both ways. They lived off the land, on the land, and by the land, as one with the land. They didn’t have hypertension, strokes or diabetes. What they had was clear skin and eyes that shone. They were Dreaming; the eternal truth that links the past, present, and future, and the people to their land.

Now what would this have to do with luxury travel, you might well ask. Having come to the sad conclusion that the faster the rat race the wearier the soul, people embark on luxury travel as a means of solace away from it all. They eagerly look around for new outlets, fresh pastures, and healthier alternatives to achieve that nirvana. The good news for all is that the Dreaming has been re-discovered here in Australia. More and more people are turning to the ancient earthy wisdom of the aboriginals to figure out modern ills. What was once considered good at best for some novelty value has now come to be recognized for its intrinsic truth. Now isn’t that the final destination of all travel?